Mireya Esther Castañeda Usaquén

Foto de Mireya Esther Castañeda Usaquén
Cohorte 2018-3, Estudiante
Dirección: Carmen Helena Guerrero Nieto
ELT Education
Grupos de Investigación: 
Aprendizaje y Sociedad de la Información

Public Elementary School Teachers’ Stories about the Teaching of English

This study takes place in a public elementary school located in an underprivileged area called Ciudad Bolívar in the southern part of Bogotá, Colombia. Caro, Lulu, Otilia, and Yami are my companions in this journey; they accepted my invitation to share our stories about English Language Teaching (henceforth ELT) in our lives. From now on, I will use the pronoun WE in capital letters when referring to teachers and me. This is a biographical-narrative study (Bolivar, 2012) with some adaptations. Accordingly, WE are going to converse, write autobiographies, share our emotions, and reflect upon English language in our lives in order to acknowledge our stories as sources of knowledge about ELT in our school, to unveil our thoughts, ways of knowing, feelings, decisions, and actions regarding...

Fecha de sustentación de proyecto de tesis: Martes, Abril 13, 2021

Pasantía realizada en México, dirigida por Mario López Gopar

Director de Pasantía: Mario López Gopar
País: México
Duración: 7 semanas
Acta de Aprobación: Acta CADE No 10 de 2021
Fecha de Aprobación: Jueves, Junio 3, 2021