Luis Miguel Martínez Luengas

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Foto de Luis Miguel Martínez Luengas
Énfasis: ELT Education
Grupos de Investigación: Aprendizaje y Sociedad de la Información
Dirección: Pilar Méndez Rivera

Re-signifying the Subject Positions of the observers: The narrated experiences of ELT class observers in Colombia

This research project explores the unseen, silencing and effective invisibilization within the observers’ subject positions in the process of classroom observation practices in Colombia. Also, the research tries to sustain such practices carried out by observers are not simply normalized (formats, rubrics, and data), but represent more than a process of instrumentalization, functioning into social practice, where the observers are involved in an asymmetrical power-relations situation where an expert reasoning system within school contexts prevails merged with reflection and criticism.

It is important to mention that this project is based on the observers’ subject position. There is a lot of literature about classroom observations, but little has been said about the observers’...

Fecha de sustentación de proyecto de tesis: Lunes, Noviembre 30, 2020