Re-signifying the subject positions of the observers: The narrated experiences of ELT class observers in Colombia

This doctoral thesis demonstrates a careful analysis of the observers’ positions in English language classes. The topic focuses on the observations of in-service English classes, mainly from the Positions of the Observers who supervise, evaluate, and give feedback to English language teachers. In the ELT (English Language Teaching) field, it is common that teachers are periodically observed during classes for their performance of instruction. In fact, some of them do not agree with the class observation process. Others argue that the observation process is not necessary nor important. Some even do not pay attention to the person who observes the class and only keep in mind the rubrics used to observe. This study identifies some positions of the observers that are overlooked or are invisible in the educational community.


Evaluación del Proyecto de Tesis

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Lunes, Noviembre 30, 2020

Evaluación Tesis

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Miércoles, Septiembre 27, 2023