Collective narrativizations of the experiences of pre-service English teachers and their transition to professional practice in the department of Huila (Narrativizaciones colectivas de las experiencias de los profesores de inglés en formación y su transic

Colombian experts in ELT and EFL explained that there is a need to analyze the factors that affect pre-service teachers’ performance and knowledge base, ad how this factor has a direct repercussions on curriculum design (Alvarez, 2009; Cardenas & Miranda, 2014; Castellanos, 2013; Guerrero, 2010; Jabba, 2013; Mendieta, 2013; Pineda, 2002).

This research proposal aims to identify how EFL pre-service teachers’ knowledge base is shaped by global and local education policies, mentor teachers’ teaching methodologies, and their own knowledge base, and the effects of this on EFL profession.

To gather all the data that for reaching the main goal, researcher will use documentary analysis and narrative inquiry methodology.

Among the expected results, researcher expected to produce new viewpoints toward the regulation and implementation of agreements and laws that affect directly the ELT profession, to formulate new tapestry that allow the B.A. program adjust their curriculum to become more effective in ELT training.

Evaluación del Proyecto de Tesis

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Lunes, Noviembre 25, 2019