Liu Yi Fen

Foto de Liu Yi Fen
Cohorte 2018-3, Estudiante
Dirección: Harold Castañeda-Peña
ELT Education
Grupos de Investigación: 
Aprendizaje y Sociedad de la Información

Analyzing the blind spot of bilingual education policy: identity reconstruction, challenges and struggles of foreign language teachers when adjusting to educational settings in Colombia

Globalisation and the spread of English as both an international language for communication and a lingua franca have increased international mobility resulting in high demand for EFL/ESL professionals globally. Colombia is not far from this phenomenon, in fact, Mejia (2005) explains how Colombian labour regulations motivated by economic opening and globalization even allow up to 30% of teachers in Colombia to be foreign ( p.59). As eager and foreign-friendly local public policy and work regulations may be, important factors related to quality of adaptation, acculturation, intercultural interaction, and inclusion are completely obliterated, thus resulting into risk situations for stereotyping, communication breakdown, misunderstanding and cultural collision.

This study will...

Pasantía realizada en China, dirigida por John Trent

Director de Pasantía: John Trent
País: China
Duración: 2 semanas
Acta de Aprobación: Acta CADE No 02 de 2021
Fecha de Aprobación: Jueves, Febrero 4, 2021