Jeisson Steven Méndez Lara

Foto de Jeisson Steven Méndez Lara
Énfasis: ELT Education
Grupos de Investigación: Aprendizaje y Sociedad de la Información
Dirección: Pilar Méndez Rivera

Coloniality of knowledge and power in ELT pre-service teachers' education in the English language textbooks

Colombian Education faculties in the teacher education programs have taught English using the guide of well-known language textbooks without having in mind those textbook contents can have a high levels superficial cultural components in a conscious or unconscious way, those future teachers of language do not problematize the cultural component of textbooks or take into account the teaching-learning context. The purpose of this research is to examine and compare the concepts of coloniality presented in the English language textbook from multinational publishing house in pre-service English teacher education. Throughout this project, it is proposed to see how multinational publishing houses have a clear colonial purpose in the production of their texts. I want to analyze: How textbooks...