Pedro Adolfo Cabrejo Ruiz

Foto de Pedro Adolfo Cabrejo Ruiz
Cohorte 2018-3, Estudiante
Dirección: Harold Castañeda-Peña
ELT Education
Grupos de Investigación: 
Aprendizaje y Sociedad de la Información

Enhancing transgender students integral development through the teacher training

The major incentive of this Doctoral proposal aroses after talking with some transgender students from university level; they mentioned have been mistreated by some teachers who apparently are not able to understand who they are, what being transgender person means. It is of paramount importance to remark on the pursuit of such a necessary training, giving the proper attention and assistance to the students who suffer silently, without having at the present time an alternative other than hiding themselves inside the social precepts and doing what our colonialist heritage imposes them, living in an insane anonymity. The problem itself is the lack of information we as teachers have about how to cope with the diversity of our students in our educational and academic contexts.

Pasantía realizada en Estados Unidos, dirigida por Elizabeth Meyer

Director de Pasantía: Elizabeth Meyer
País: Estados Unidos
Duración: 1 mes
Acta de Aprobación: Acta CADE No 26 de 2019
Fecha de Aprobación: Jueves, Diciembre 12, 2019