Catherine Benavides Buitrago

The intersection of social identities: The visual artistic narratives of English language learner students

This research project will take place in a public school in Bogota, with 38 students from 6 grade who are between 11 and 15 years of age. Some students (8) come from different parts of Colombia, but others from outside the country (3). In that sense, the idea of exploring students’ different backgrounds becomes relevant as the educational community, in general, tends to make these students invisible. This study would also allow students to unveil their experiences when they are segregated by their social identities, even more, when they intersect.

Taking that into consideration that intersectionality is the main aspect of this study, it is important to mention that scholars such as Crenshaw (1989), Collins (2000), Anzaldúa (1987), and Lugones (2005) have contributed to this...

Fecha de sustentación de proyecto de tesis: Jueves, Noviembre 30, 2023