Catherine Benavides Buitrago

Foto de Catherine Benavides Buitrago
Énfasis: ELT Education
Grupos de Investigación: Aprendizaje y Sociedad de la Información
Dirección: Harold Castañeda-Peña

The gender role in an intercultural EFL classroom through story circles

This research proposal is born after having worked with gender topics in the implementation of the masters’ program research study. I consider imperative to continue working with this kind of topics in the classroom as we, as teachers, have the opportunity to help our students understand that respect is one of the most important values to cultivate and practice while living or interacting with others, it should not matter at all to have differences of any kind.

The proposal will take place in a public school in Bogotá with 40 students from 7th grade. This qualitative action research intends to a) identify students’ discourses related to gender in an intercultural EFL classroom through Story Circles; b) describe gendered discourses created in an intercultural EFL classroom through...