Alejandro Mauricio Davila Rubio

Who teaches the teachers? Analyzing ELTEs' subject constitution at English Language Teaching Education Programs

From my experience as bilingual advisor at Secretaria de Educación de Bogotá and professor at a master of education program, I have wondered whether there is a curriculum on ELT education that could be studied from national policies, from institutional initiatives at undergraduate careers, specifically at the programs of future English teachers or from the teaching practices carried out at the same programs. Can it be said that the national policies proposed from the government shape the educational practices at the programs of prospective English teachers? The purpose of this research is to examine official documents, as follows, self-evaluation documents, general programs structures of the careers, accreditation documents and lesson planning among others taken from three...

Fecha de sustentación de proyecto de tesis: Lunes, Julio 29, 2019