Emerging teacher leadership stories in pre service teachers

This proposal on nurturing teacher leadership in pre-service teachers, promotes reflecting about teacher identity through: journals, interviews and focus groups. Using pedagogical practices as an opportunity to observe, analyze, discuss and adapt, pre and in service teachers will reflect about themselves and their methodological strategies, they could talk about their failures and achievements, there will be an authentic reflection process with the intention to accept who they are as persons and as teachers.

This research will be carried out at IED Colegio Sorrento, afternoon shift in secondary. It will involve practicum professors, mentors and pre-service teachers; finding a meeting point in pedagogical practices attach to Bachelor's degree in Foreign Language with Emphasis in English at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas since August 2022 to November 2024.

Change will become a common factor in pre-service teacher identity and will give them more perspectives to face situations, developing among them: resilience, understanding, acceptance and empathy, among other personality features which will blossom their teachers' identities.