EFL teachers and learners experiencing the abrupt changes in educative systems caused by world health related issues

Teachers, students and the whole educative community are facing an abrupt shift of the educative system in terms of policies, didactics, methodologies due to a world health situation. Because of this world situation, the educative system of traditional learning in which learners take their classes attending to their schools and universities has changed abruptly to another one in which classes are taken in different ways and physical contact must be avoided, it is called distance or virtual education.

In my role as a teacher researcher, I have found that this world situation has been causing some physical, psychological and economic issues in both the learners and teachers. Everybody has to stay at home, as a matter of fact, classes must be taken at that place. For this reason, educative institutions which do not have the educative system of virtual classes have had to innovate and adapt some strategies to continue with the teaching process. However, this adaptation requires human and economic resources and not all the educational institutions have the budget to do it.

Besides, the curriculum, didactics, methodologies are being modified due to this situation. The teachers, mainly who are not digital natives, have been trying to learn how to work with ICTs in order to fulfill with the requirements demanded by the institutions. In spite of being an opportunity for them to grow as professionals, it also is the cause of stress, over loading work and some feelings and reactions. In the same manner, students have had to face with this world situation and adapt themselves with the academic responsibilities. However, it is important to take into account some aspects; one of them is the ICT resources such as computers, tablets, mobiles, connectivity. Not all the learners have the opportunity to get these technological resources, and it causes that some students cannot hand in the homework or attend to the online classes.

In the macro theory of this study, Vygotsky with the sociocultural constructivism is one of the authors to be worked as well as Piaget with the cognitive constructivism. Some important concepts in this work are distance education, traditional education, and academic experiences.

This qualitative descriptive and interpretive study has as a general objective to analyze EFL teachers and students academic experiences regarding the abrupt change of a traditional educative system to distance education. The instruments to collect data will be semi-structured interviews and the data analysis will be carried out by using the grounded theory.

What is expected in the results consists mainly on evidencing through teachers and students voices the real situation lived by the participants of this study in a national context with specific characteristics and a historical moment all over the world.