Profesora Yolanda Samacá Bohórquez

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Énfasis: ELT Education
Dirección: Carmen Helena Guerrero

Formación Académica

Maestría Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
Magíster en Lingüística Aplicada a la Enseñanza del Inglés
Exploring a Socio-Critical Perspective to Language Pedagogy with Pre-Service Teachers: Constructing Their Image As Future Teachers

Proyecto de Tesis

Communities of Practice: Repositioning the role of the Teaching Practicum in an Initial teacher Education Program.

Bearing in mind that the school contexts are dynamic, teaching and learning practices should be dynamic too. This means, understanding teaching from what Giroux (1998) has named “a form of cultural politics…that takes seriously relations of race, class, gender and power in the production and legitimation of meaning and experience (p. xii). Therefore, there is a situated need to reconceptualise what the teaching practicum or the pedagogical experience should entail in language teacher education programs in the local context, what the school contexts expect from them, what cooperating teachers and mentors consider relevant in their process of accompanying them and how to go beyond the hegemonic practices (new educational policies reforms, MEN, -2016), that are often focused on a very...

Dirección de Tesis:
Carmen Helena Guerrero