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Formación Académica

Doctorado University of Arizona
Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT)
Nationalism and Language Learning at the US/Mexico Border: An ethnographically-sensitive critical discourse analysis of the reproduction of nation, power, and privilege in an English language classroom

Maestría University of Houston
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Second Language Teaching

Pregrado San Francisco State University
B.A. Magna Cum Laude. Japanese Language and Culture


El Dr. Bryan Meadows es profesor asociado y director de programas de educación de maestros de segunda lengua (ELT) de la Fairleigh Dickinson University - FDU, antes de vincularse a la FDY trabajo en las Universidades de Texas y Texas Rio Grande Valley. Su principal área de investigación es la relación entre el nacionalismo y la educación lingüística, pero sus intereses académicos se extienden a áreas como la educación de profesores de segunda lengua, la educación intercultural, la lingüística aplicada, el análisis del discurso crítico y la lingüística funcional sistémica.

Su investigación se puede encontrar en revistas revisadas por pares tales como: The International Journal of Applied Linguistics, International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Action in Teacher EducationCritical Inquiry in Language Studies, PROFILE Journal, Intercultural Education, HOW Journal, y Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines, entre otras.

Publicaciones recientes

  • Artículo: Meadows, B. & Neumann, J. (2017). What does it mean to assess gifted students’ perceptions of giftedness labels?. Interchange: A Quarterly Review of Education, 48(2), 145-165.
  • Artículo: Meadows, B. (2016). Culture teaching in historical review: On the occasion of ASOCOPI’s fiftieth anniversary. HOW: A Colombian Journal for Teachers of English, 23(2), 148-169. June 2017 4
  • Artículo: Guerrero, H. & Meadows, B. (2015). Global professional identity in deterretorialized spaces: A case study of a critical dialogue between expert and novice nonnative English speaker teachers. PROFILE: Issues in Teachers' Professional Development, 17(2): 13-27.
  • Artículo: Meadows, B. (2014). Examining nationalism in folk theories of language: The case of language complaints in multilingual settings. The International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 24(3): 337-356.
  • Artículo: Meadows, B. (2014). Nationalist border practices: A critical account of how and why an English language classroom on the US/Mexico border reproduces nationalism. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 227: 139-155.
  • Capítulo de libro: Cole, D. & Meadows, B. (2013). Re-imagining belonging: Communities of practice in the (foreign) language classroom. In D. Rivers & S. Houghton (Eds.), Social identities and multiple selves in foreign language education (pp. 121-138). London: Bloomsbury.
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  • Artículo: Meadows, B. & Sayer, P. (2013). The Mexican sports car controversy: An appraisal analysis of BBC's Top Gear and the reproduction of nationalism and racism through humor. Discourse, Context & Media, 2(2): 103-110.
  • Artículo: Sayer, P. & Meadows, B. (2012). Teaching culture beyond nationalist boundaries: National identities, stereotyping, and culture in language education. Intercultural Education, 23(3): 265-279.
  • Capítulo de libro: Meadows, B. (2011). ‘Now here I am influent in Spanish’: Negotiating monolingual Hispanic identities at the bilingual US/Mexico border. In K. Ciepiela (Ed.), Identity through a language lens (pp. 97-108). Berlin: Peter Lang.
  • Capítulo de libro: Meadows, B. (2011). Do you see what I’m saying? Literally.: Ultrasound technology as a tool for pronunciation instruction. In J. Aitken, J. Pedego-Fairley, J. Carlson (Eds.), Communication technology for students in special education or gifted programs (pp. 293-302). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  • Artículo: Neumann, J. & Meadows, B. (2011). Problematizing notions of decontextualized ‘best practice’. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 13(1/2): 93-107.
  • Artículo: Meadows, B. (2010). ‘Like my tutor and stuff, people I would talk to’: Laying claim to imagined national communities in learner discourse. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 7(2/3): 88- 111.

Actividades en DIE-UD


  • Seminario doctoral: Critical pedagogy: its roots and branches into ELT education
  • Conferencia: Nationalism in the field of ELT: Some challenges for critical pedagogy